NORTHEX PUBLIC SCHOOL aspires to reach new heights and produce a generation that is more reliable, respectful and rich in values . The curriculum adopted by the school focuses on a broad and balanced range of subjects and activities with a special reference to intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and social development , a curriculum that prepares young people for adult and working life. It emphasis on pupils’ achievement of attaining the targets that are high but with realistic expectations. A continuous assessment of learners’ performance and optimal use of teaching and learning time through effective classroom management makes the environment more learners friendly.
Keeping it in view, the school is regularly involved in developing dynamics, innovative curriculum, technological aids and instructional strategies which are designed to keep our students well prepared for the fast paced changes of the future, thereby generating interests in leadership, performance, social and environmental activities. We at MAPS continue to provide a safe and positive learning environment for our students so that they feel good about their school. This year, we will be implementing several new motivational strategies to meet their needs which might involve more instructional time, after school tutoring, learning centre assistance, mentoring, academic clubs and academic challenges.
At NORTHEX PUBLIC SCHOOL an effort is made to create an environment of inspiration for the development of body, mind and spirit alongwith the values of  truth, honesty, integrity and ardour. The school provides value based education which includes ethical, spiritual and moral education under the tutelage of expert and experienced teachers and professionals. Modern and latest teaching techniques, discipline through example and encouragement, excellent facilities for co-curricular activities and sports make the NORTHEX PUBLIC SCHOOL an ideal platform for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of the children in its fold.